Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Longboard Sliding - Feel The Drift

Today I was skateboarding a route that has some fast 180-degree curves, on the Loaded Vanguard with the Orangatang In Heat wheels. I had my slide gloves on, so I decided to go for it and try to "drift" through the entire corner. I'm still learning to slide effectively . . . I've done many small speed-check slides but I've never tried to slide through a whole turn until today. I managed 3 of 3 successful slides, two heelside, one toeside, no crashes.

Now I see how sliding can be addictive. It is a really fun feeling.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Longboarding report

It's a hot day, and I got a late start, but I got in two runs down Mt. Tabor on the Loaded Vanguard. Things I'm still getting used to: the Orangatang In Heat 83a wheels, and the Loaded slide gloves. I can heelside slide with one hand on the ground with this setup, then stand back up on the board and keep going. Fun, and a good way to speed-check, but I'm not that great at it yet.

Then I went over to the Zoo and skated Knights Blvd. above the Zoo for the first time. It's a short hill, but but very fast and curvy. I got some funny looks from people in a minivan who were driving up the hill as I was descending. After 1 run I decided it was too hot and I was too tired, time to go home before I made a mistake and crashed.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Yesterday I was skating down SW US Veterans Hospital Road down to Terwilliger. This section is really smooth and fast. I noticed some sprinklers were on and half the road was wet, but this wasn't a problem because my lane was dry, it was the oncoming traffic lane that was wet. So I slowed a little, but not too much. Next thing I know, an oncoming car rounds the corner, and the guy apparently didn't want to get his car wet so he swerved all the way over into my lane! That was a bit of a shock but luckily there was plenty of room to maneuver and I got past with plenty of room to spare.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Her: You know what would be good in this (cocktail)? Milk?

Me: Arrggh! You're stealing my recipes! I made that for you a month ago! You're infringing on my intellectual property!

Her: Oh yeah.

[Note: this was a joke, I'm not that concerned about my drink recipes, which are all actually fairly obvious.]