Thursday, October 07, 2004

How to Scare People with Letters

Bruce Schneier blogs about a flight disrupted by Arabic writing.

Last month in Milwaukee, a Midwest Airlines flight had already pulled away from the gate when someone, the articles don't say who, found Arabic writing in his or her copy of the airline's in-flight magazine.

I have no idea what sort of panic ensued, but the airplane turned around and returned to the gate. Everyone was taken off the plane and inspected. The plane and all the luggage was inspected. Surprise; nothing was found.

Just wait until people notice that their flight number contains Arabic numerals! That will be a scare. Airlines will have to switch to Roman numerals just to be on the safe side. I can't wait to board "Flight CCCLXXVIII to Albuquerque" leaving from "Gate D-XIV."


Anonymous said...

And you need to be careful what you say too. Don't try "alfalfa" or "candy", at least according to this.


Michelle K said...

Oh man! I have a hard enough time balancing my checkbook as it is! How am I going to do math without a zero?!

Starbuck said...

My God, I wish I could say that I'm suprised.

In the words of Max Headroom, "Paranoimia, para paranoimia".