Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Welcome to Oregon

Oregonians are known for not wanting more people to move here, no matter how recently they themselves moved to the state. So during times of excellent weather, like we've been having in the last few weeks, true Oregonians worry that visitors might see this weather and decide to move here.

I think this attitude is old-fashioned and silly, so I no longer care whether people move to Oregon. Instead, I just want some of the people here now to leave. Specifically, I want people who run red lights to leave. Leave now. Go ahead, run every red light between here and the border, just don't come back.


Michelle K said...


Don't send them here!

It's bad enough here with all the people from New Jersey who come for school and think that traffic laws are for other people.

paulmonster said...

Yeah, also, all those chuckleheads who drive at night with no lights on. I swear I see one every night here in Stumptown. I lean out my window and bellow "Lights!" at the top of my lungs and freak the bejeezus out of innocent bystanders, and still they keep coming, these phantom rolling tons of detroit steel, little roaming heartattacks to pepper my insomniac nights.

Peter said...

I think regional driving habits are like accents. They were more pronounced (pardon the pun) years ago and are slowly fading. I could be wrong.

Like accents, regional driving habits also may be less noticeable to someone from the region in question. For instance, the only thing I've been able to objectify about Virginia drivers is their disdain for turn signals. People who move here from elsewhere complain about other things that I find normal.

Northerners, for instance, complain that we are afraid of the snow. I see cautious driving in the snow as sensible. I point to my three accidents driving in the snow. Northerners point to my accidents as further proof of their point. I indirectly concede the point by resorting to name-calling (Northerners are snow snobs) and tu quoque (Have you ever driven in Boston?).