Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Chair Zoo

"Chair Zoo" is my description for a certain way of decorating a room, where the apparent objective was to fit in as many chairs as possible. Often many different types of chairs are used, adding to the menagerie effect.

It can be awkward to walk through a chair zoo because not enough space remains for comfortable traffic patterns through the room. I like having open space, and I like a room where there is enough space to lie down on the floor and make the "snow angel" motion without hitting anything. My house still has too many chairs, though, and I'm about to get rid of at least one.

Creators of chair zoos often argue that chair zoos are practical because at any moment a huge number of guests could arrive, and they would all need somewhere to sit. But I've found that at parties, most people do not sit anyway. They stand, wander around, and mingle. So the best rooms for parties are ones with a generous amount of unobstructed floor space.

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Peter said...

We've had only one chair in our bedroom for years, and, to my knowledge, no one has sat on it since our eleven-year-old was rocked in it as a baby. We don't get rid of it, I think, because it holds a quilt, a throw, several towels, and lots of clothes. My wife doesn't allow stuff like that on the floor.

If I sit, I sit on the floor, away from the throw.