Saturday, February 20, 2010

Skateboarding at Portland International Raceway

Today was opening day at PIR, with some special activities. The day started at 7am with a nature walk, where we saw a coyote lurking in the tall grass.

Coyote in the grass

Then at 8:30 the track was opened to pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. So I got out my skateboard and took two laps around the track. Both of these laps were longboard pumping the whole way (that is, my feet did not touch the ground at any time during the lap). My best skateboard lap time was 13 minutes, 4 seconds. The course is a 1.94 mile lap.

The PIR track is quite good for longboard pumping. The track is flat and the pavement is smooth.

Later in the day the track was available to motor vehicles, so I also drove 3 laps (not at racing speeds, though).

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