Saturday, April 17, 2004

Freddy Adu's first professional goal

Freddy Adu's first pro goal came in the 75th minute of today's MLS game between DC United and the Metrostars. It was a quirky goal, and I had to watch the replay a few times to figure out exactly what happened. Josh Gros dribbled down the left wing, tightly marked by a defender. He beat his man with a low, slow cross. The ball came straight for a second defender who slipped and fell down without being able to block it. Then a third defender ran right past the ball, perhaps not expecting it to make it that far. Freddy Adu took advantage of the opportunity and scored easily from about 3 yards out. The odd nature of the goal should not take anything away from Adu's performance, though. He positioned himself in the right place to take advantage of a mistake by the opposition.

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