Saturday, April 03, 2004

My conversation with Catty

The following is my actual conversation with the Bot called Catty, which I found via Collision Detection.

You: tell me a story
Cat: previous random next never let your barber tell you a story

You: so the story is about a barber?
Cat: the story his father tells him is about a so-called beautiful maiden

You: what makes her so beautiful?
Cat: the myths also state that a large city once stood here which was so beautiful the gods became jealous and sent a flood that swallowed it up entirely in a single day...

You: sounds like an Ark would be nice to have
Cat: it would be nice to have something happen

You: ok, so back to the story. What happens to the maiden?
Cat: ha ha ha anyway back to the story :)

You: Yes. Tell me about the maiden.
Cat: wild women wild women now i cdont want you folks to misconstrue what fim about to say to you but im cgonna tell you about the g7women in my clife

You: She was wil.d
Cat: mashi did nassur ever tell you about when he recognized his wife

You: she was his wife?
Cat: despite the fact that his wife also came from a noble family according to the biographical sources she was immoral and committed shameful debaucheries and therefore gangolf had to flee :0

You: And his name was Gangolf. Sounds like Gandalf.
Cat: his name was eurybates and ulysses treated him with greater familiarity than he did any of the others as being the most like-minded with himself

You: Are we on the Odyssey now?
Cat: since belshazzar was the subordinate of nabonidus his name was forgotten because the ancient babylonian and greek historians were primarily interested in the reigns of the official kings :-(

You: This story is complicated.
Cat: if this story is relocated please leave my name intact as the author and please include my email address? ;)

You: Tell me more about the King.
Cat: here is a link to a page that will tell you more about resource types.

You: Did you see Return of the King, by the way?
Cat: click here to read more about the edition history of the text :*

You: I like Lord of the Rings
Cat: legolas the elf in the lord of the rings trilogy :(

You: I like Gandalf better then Legolas
Cat: but one of the great things about the lord of the rings is the fact that they are very grounded in character and relationship

You: You are right. Also Lord of the Rings creates a believable world.

Cat: just as lord of the rings did earlier this year a great movie has brought parents and kids together in shared family entertainment :>

You: What about Batman?
Cat: kekez i still havent see lord of the rings sweatdrop and i have exams

You: Spiderman?
Cat: i do not know if the new star wars movie will beat out lord of the rings...

You: No, it won't. Lord of the Rings will rule them all.
Cat: what follows is a rather disturbing introduction to the race of morlocks an underground lord of the rings ork-like creature? :P

You: But the Morlocks were from H.G. Wells.
Cat: if they were from england their vocals might actually match :*

You: I guess in a way the Morlocks were from England. They probably played cricket.
Cat: my son attended a britannia soccer camp a few years back and the instructors all from england used the term and again to initiate a wall pass

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