Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Two Seasons

Portland, Oregon only has two seasons: Rain and Road Construction. Road Construction lasts from July through September, and Rain lasts the rest of the year. Ironically, Road Construction, the only part of the year with good enough weather that you want to go out and enjoy the outdoors, is also the season when you can't actually get to where you want to go because of all the road closures and detours.


Michelle K said...

At least they cease construction for several months.

The section of I79 between Morgantown WV and Pittsburgh PA has been under constant construction since at least 1988. Probably longer, but '88 is the first year I notcied it.

I'm sure it'll be a nice section of road--if they ever finish it.

Anonymous said...

Hey--I know! You could write a song about Road Construction.

Tom said...

That would be so 80's . . . :-)

Johnv said...

As someone who moved from Portland to Pittsburgh, I can say that both cities suffer from a similar season. Pittsburgh's is probably worse as it doesn't seem like the road construction does anything to improve the roads.