Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Spam I Got

> is it me you looking for?
> Hope I am not writing to wrong address.
> I am niace, pretty looking gairl.

Wow, awesome. I like gairls. Especially niace pretty looking ones whose brains aren't all full of modern nonsense like spelling skills, so they can concentrate on what's really important, like propositioning strangers.

> I ama planning on visiting your town this month.

And you're so excited about meeting me, you can't remember the name of my town, so you just have to call it my town. That's cute. Now I know you must really like me.

> From: Anibal
> To: [my email], [another guy's email]

Wow, Anibal, you want to meet both of us. And you're coming to both of our towns, even though he lives on another continent. You're a real world traveler! This keeps getting better.

> Can we meet each other in person?

Are you sure you don't want to meet my stunt double first? I think it is he you looking for.

1 comment:

Squidley said...

Hi, Iron Monkey,

This is your stunt double. I'm sorry, but I'm not available then. Maybe my stunt double can fill in. He's actually just an understudy, but that's better than disappointing a niace gairl, isn't it?