Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Olallie Lake

We went camping in a yurt at Olallie Lake. This was a great weekend getaway. I did some mountain biking, and later we rented a canoe and paddled across the lake. We saw two bald eagles and a half-dozen osprey fishing in the lake. This picture was taken only a few feet away from our campsite, so this was basically our view for the weekend, with Mt. Jefferson in the background. Next time I go I want to stay for at least 4 days.


Michelle K said...

A real and actual yurt?

How wonderful! Now you get to tell people you've slept in a yurt! I'm so jealous!

(Yurt! Yurt! Yurt!)

Plus, gorgeous picture.

Tom said...

Yes, it was a real yurt. This was our first time staying in a yurt, and it was great! It even had a propane stove and small propane heater.

Squidley said...

How do you "stay" in a dairy product? Don't you get wet and stinky? Wouldn't it all wash off if it rained?

Wait, you say you had propane appliances. OK, dried dairy product. Still, how do they make it stay together--Kraft American singles?