Saturday, August 26, 2006

Run for the Wind motorcycle rally 2006

On Friday I rode my Suzuki V-Strom 650 to the Run for the Wind motorcycle rally at Chinook Winds Casino, in Lincoln City, Oregon. I saw these two girls sitting on one of the bikes, and they looked photogenic so I asked if I could take their picture.

There was a group ride up the coast to Tillamook along the Three Capes Loop and back. Along the way I saw a large group of pelicans flying over the water. Though it was sunny most of the time, in a few places there was dense fog hanging over the road. The area near Cape Kiwanda looked interesting; I'll have to go back another time and spend the day there.

Later there was a motorcycle stunt show featuring circle-wheelies, no-hander wheelies, superman stoppies, a "slow wheelie contest," and other dazzling tricks.

Of course, all the bikes on display were fun to look at, too.

Riding to the coast from Portland, doing the group ride, then getting home made for about 6 hours of riding yesterday. That is a lot for me, but the V-Strom is so comfortable that it didn't feel like too much.

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