Sunday, February 23, 2003

The Getaway scenic drive 1

The key to The Getaway's free roaming mode is to understand where you start out. You will begin on Great Marlborough St. facing East. This is on map grid F8 on the B&B London map, and in the Eyewitness London book it is map 12-F2. You can only control the camera while walking, not while driving, so the best way to appreciate the sights is to drive somewhere, then get out and walk to look around more carefully, moving the camera as needed.

OK, let's go. Take the first left you come to (Poland St.), then immediately take another left onto Oxford street. Now you are heading West.

At the stoplight, turn left onto Regent Street. Folllow Regent Street south until it bends left into Piccadilly Circus. Wind left, then right and you will see a statue of four horses on the right. Stop the car here and get out. This building is the Criterion Theatre. Also in front of this building is a tall statue. Use the look button to look up at it. This is a statue of Eros by Alfred Gilbert.

Get back in the car and take the right where the four horses are onto Haymarket St. At the bottom of the hill, turn right again onto Pall Mall. Keep going straight until you are forced to turn right. Take that right turn, and stay to the left side of the street because there is a jump there where you can catch some air!

After sailing over the jump, take a left at the intersection and soon you will see greenery on the left. This is Green Park, which Eyewitness London says was "a favorite site for duels during the 18th century." Slow down and look for the blue gate on the left. You can drive through this gate and drive around in the park. Once in the park, take a hard left onto a path and you'll get to a field full of chairs which you can send flying. From here you're on your own to joyride through the park (look for the statue).

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