Friday, February 21, 2003

There is a London map for The Getaway online here Sorry, that link seems to be broken now. Trust me, though, and also get a real London map and guidebook (see my other posts below). Being able to identify individual buildings and minor landmarks is a lot more fun. I read online that the American release of the game does not include a map, but the European one does. What sense does this make? Isn't it even more likely that Americans will be unfamiliar with London?

After really getting drawn into the virtual tourism aspect of the game, I'm starting to have this weird feeling of being "familiar" with getting around parts of London, even though I have never been there. Let me emphasize again that if you're just following the blinker on the back of the car to navigate, you are really missing out on some fun. Instead, when you pass by a building or landmark, try to figure out what it is, try to find it in the London guidebook. Read about the history, etc. It brings the game to life in a whole new way.