Saturday, June 28, 2003

This morning I went for my first motorcycle ride since my big crash. I took the Suzuki SV650s out and rode around the neighborhood. It felt good to be on two wheels again. My right hand can now operate the throttle and brake, but it still feels pretty stiff so I didn't ride for too long.

On a hot summer day, if you ride a motorcycle or drive a convertible along Highway 30, you feel the temperature change radically as you occasionally enter pockets of much cooler air. What is happening, I think, is that cooler air from up in the shady, heavily forested hills descends, following the contours of ravines and valleys, until it finds an "exit" where it can spill out over the road. Passing through the warm and cold zones, it's like you are feeling a topographic map of the hills above, represented as temperature.

I did not ride there today, but riding around reminded me of doing this last summer. That ride also features a view of the St. Johns Bridge.

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