Sunday, November 07, 2004

Extreme Unicycling

Way back in the day, I rode a unicycle in the driveway, in parking lots, and even on the street. But back then we didn't have extreme off-road unicycling. (via Struggleville)

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Will said...

I shared a house with Kris Holm while I was attending graduate school at the University of British Columbia, Department of Geography. (Kris was also in the Geography Department with me.) He's one of the best (& one of the pioneers) 'extreme' unicyclists in the world.

He's a freak really! He commutes to school on this huge-wheeled unicycle, and I've personally seen him ride on the railing of the Burrard Street Bridge. Insane. There are clips of some of his exploits on the web, and I have a couple of his dvd's - the filmmaker is also a friend of ours.