Friday, November 12, 2004

Sponsored Money

One of the last places that sadly lacks advertising is our money, unless you count the back of the one dollar bill as being an ad for the Illuminati. So to raise government revenue and help pay off the deficit, I propose allowing corporate sponsorship of money. For example, Sony could sponsor $1 bills that have a picture of Crash Bandicoot instead of George Washington, and that say In PlayStation We Trust on the back. The pricing scheme would be simple: one dollar per dollar. For a million dollars, a company could get a million of their branded $1 bills into circulation. And people on a limited budget could spring for a few hundred "personal dollars."


Anonymous said...

That would also let advertisers target different market segments precisely - an ad on a $100 bill would be seen by a different market segment to the ads on $1 bills.


Michelle K said...