Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Don't Mess With My Haunted Shoes

My cat put a dead mouse in my shoes. I was out of town at the time, so I think it was his way of dedicating the kill to me. But the question remains: are my shoes haunted now? Does that make them less valuable, or more? Could I sell them on Ebay? What is the procedure for dealing with haunted shoes?


Peter said...

After that honor, wouldn't your cat be crushed if you sold them, or otherwise disposed of them? Have you considered just wearing them, perhaps without the mouse, and seeing if your feet can tell which shoe is haunted?

Foobario said...

*Perhaps* without the mouse? :)

Personally I think it was a veiled threat, but then again I've always taken the position that cats are feral little beasties that pretend to be cute and cuddly as long as you feed them.

They are pretty subtle, though... I'd interpret the mouse thing as "next time this could be you". You'd better up the tuna-fish allowance before your cat sends you 'to sleep with the mouses'.

Tom said...

No doubt, if housecats were the same size as humans they would kill us every time they got cranky. We only survive because they are so small.