Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Who is the world's most famous mime? That's right, it is Marcel Marceau.

Now, quick, who is the world's second most famous mime?

That's right, there isn't one. There is only one famous mime. Isn't that weird? For there to be only one famous mime in all of the world, in all of history? If mime could make one person famous, you'd think it could at least make two people famous. Oh, there have been other mimes who have had some degree of success, but none that the average person could name.

What about Teller of Penn & Teller? A lot of people know who he is. But he isn't a mime, he's just a magician who doesn't talk. It's not like he is up there on stage trapped in an invisible box or walking into a windstorm or something. Hmm, so who's the second most famous non-talking magician?

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memer said...

No famous mimes in today's day and age? You don't say. It's gotta be a tough racket if there's only one person really famous for it.

In the seventies, there was that Shields & Yarnell act, but that's about it for me re name-brand mimes.

In a not-really-related post, I was wondering where've all the famous drag queens gone?