Sunday, May 15, 2005


I've always been suspicious of the idea of studying the habits of successful people in order to become successful yourself. After all, studying the habits of tall people won't make you tall.

Sprol is like Google Sightseeing but it takes you on a tour of the worst places.

29Guide has videos for your PSP, and has downloadable comics for the PSP.

Some conversations are hard to understand.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Height is a result of both genetics and environment. Environment, in this case, is largely the amount of calcium in the diet during childhood and adolescence. Do you think that success is similarly influenced by genetics and environment, and therefore out of reach for those of us who are not currently "successful"? "Well, me 'n' Delmer come from real successful backgrounds, but we didn't git enough (PUT NUTRIENT NAME IN HERE) when we wuz kids, so now we're hobos."
"Maisie comes from a successful family, but mah family's a bunch of losers. We're hopin' our chillens is gonna take after their mamma."
(Note to the humor impaired: the other-than-standard English employed here is for humorous purposes, and should not be taken to represent the speech of any specific racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, or other group, other than EEEdiots.)

Tom said...

I think "success" results from a combination of many factors, including genetics, environment, and luck. Some studies indicate that tall, good-looking people earn more money than their shorter, less attractive counterparts. (See ) Being tall and good-looking is not exactly a "habit," although I suppose dressing well and paying attention to one's grooming is a habit. But with habits, it would be easy to pick the wrong ones, habits that are effects of success rather than the cause. Let's see, successful people tend to spend a lot of money, so if I spend a lot of money too, I'll become successful . . . :-)