Saturday, February 25, 2006


I just got back from seeing Oregon Ballet Theatre's Winter Program. I give OBT an A- for this show, but I give the audience a D+. Advice to audience members:

  1. You may think you are whispering your opinions about the dance to your neighbor. However, it only seems like whispering to you because you are 100 years old and hard of hearing. ACTUALLY YOU ARE YELLING. I can hear every word of your inane commentary even though I'm sitting two rows ahead of you.
  2. The ballet performance is not a type of karaoke lounge. It is not acceptable to sing along with the music, even if you like the songs a lot. At least you were in tune, which is more than I can say for some of the American Idol contestants, but please, shut up.

The only reason the audience didn't get an F was because of the interesting people-watching during intermissions. One young woman in the crowd looked like a prettier version of Ashlee Simpson, and wore an outfit that combined fishnet stockings with furry boots, and made it work. (Who knows, maybe that was Ashlee Simpson and she looks better in person.) Another audience member wore a black and red long-sleeved dress with bold yellow stripes down the arms. It was like a cross between a Mondrian painting and Bruce Lee's tracksuit from Game of Death, and I mean that in the best possible way. It was one of the most stunning dresses I have ever seen.

Anyway, the ballet itself was very good, especially the new piece choreographed by Trey McIntyre to music by Henry Cowell.


LeesMyth said...

Funny you should mention it -- just yesterday, my friend described a similar experience in the Florida cinemas. She went to the movie theater at 8 p.m., one of 15 people in the theater for the "late show". The movie was Capote, and apparently the other 14 people found it hard to hear and follow what was going on. (WHAT? WHAT DID HE SAY? I DON'T KNOW, MABEL. WHAT, WHAT WAS THAT? WHY DID HE DO THAT?) As each of the couples in attendence loudly established that they could not figure out what was going on, they left, two by two. (Although maybe there was one young couple left in the back corner, who were not following the movie very closely and couldn't care less.)

Squidley said...

It's just the continuing decline of American civilization. Once upon a time--a time I remember--most folks were considerate. Now we have a passel of self-centered slobs who think nothing of talking (on their cell phones or otherwise) whenever and wherever the fancy strikes them, who don't train their children how to behave in public, and engage in other low-level antisocial behavior (like littering). Furthermore, they have the gall to be offended when someone politely asks them to rectify their rudeness. (I had some prattling palooka want to beat me up after a movie I saw in Hawaii, just because I said something like, excuse me, but the movie's started, so could you keep it down, please? Fortunately, I had a galoot friend with me, so Palooka Joe didn't bother me, but still--what kind of a barbarian wants to get into a fight over that?)

I'm sorry to hear that public behavior has sunk to such a low level in my beloved home town--and at place like a ballet performance!