Sunday, February 19, 2006

I am on a podcast

I am one of the three hosts of the new podcast: Twitch Asylum Video Game Radio. We discuss both modern games like Kameo (shown above) and classic video gaming. We also laugh at each other a lot and don't take ourselves too seriously. Enjoy.

And in other news, I've decided that I like to watch Olympic curling.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the podcast and I think it is really good. I especially like the guy, "Chris" I think his name is "Raz0red".

Oh, And he is kicking your butt at Geometry Wars, I think he has over a mill.

Tom said...

Yes, Chris is really good at geometry wars. But I finally got over 300,000 the other day, so I have salvaged some dignity, at least. I'm glad you liked the podcast.

LeesMyth said...

I have the vague impression that curling is like shotput on ice (plus brooms), but I've never actually seen it. What do you like about it?

Tom said...

Curling is more like billiards on ice, because shot put is just about distance, but curling is about strategy and precision and making complicated shots. I like it because it has an interesting strategy, and because it goes at a pace where you can clearly see what is going on, unlike some of the other sports where it is a mystery why someone was 0.01 second faster.

Starbuck said...

Hey Tom, like your podcast - nice & professional.

(I'm so retro its only the second podcast I've ever listened to!)