Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Computer Vulnerability Discovered

On several occasions recently, I came back to my computer to find it running programs I knew I hadn't left open. I asked my girlfriend if she had been using my computer and she said no. I wondered what was going on, and I suspected a virus or other malware. I ran various antispyware and anivirus programs, but found nothing. The other day I came into my room and found that the computer was turned off, even though I knew I left it on. What kind of virus turns the system off? What kind of virus only strikes when I leave the door to my room open?

Then I finally put together all the clues. I don't have a virus. I have a cat who likes to walk on the keyboard when I'm not in the room.


memer said...

ah, the trojan wot goes by the name, pusifutr.

Michelle K said...

This is why I have a keyboard shelf that slides under the desk.

You know, someone actually created a program to stop feline typists. If random keys are pressed the keyboard is locked out, and you have to type, "I am not a cat" to get back in.

Tom said...

> You have to type "I am not a cat"

I love that!