Monday, March 10, 2003

.hack infection is a pretty cool game. The visuals are very psychedelic, especially when you use the Data Drain skill. And it is quite bizarre that the game features talking, hopping eggs and plants that yell at you when you walk by. The original plot drew me in from the start. This isn't the first game-within-a-game where you hack things, though. There was some game on the Amiga that I can't remember the name of that did that, too.

I think .hack infection is funnier if you have played online games, because they make some references to the kinds of things to go on. I think it is great when other characters tell you they have to log off to study, or that their attention to the game caused them to "burn dinner."

The anime featurette that comes with the game is disappointing, though. It feels like all the most boring scenes that were cut out of some other anime are being served up here. On the other hand, I've watched the first half of .hack/SIGN ("sold separately") and it is quite good.

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