Tuesday, March 04, 2003

The Getaway Walking Tour 1, part 1

[This walking tour is still a work in progress.] This is a walking tour of the virtual London in the game The Getaway.

Start from Free Roaming mode (this mode is activated after winning the game). This is a walking tour, so we won't be driving anywhere. Get out of your car and turn around so that you are facing the opposite direction that the car is pointing. Getting out of the car here is a fairly dangerous maneuver, since you are likely to be run over by another car. At least it's only virtual reality and you can restart.

Walk along the sidewalk and you will see a small green hut up ahead that I think is a closed newsstand. Just beyond this is a crosswalk. Turn left and cross here at the zebra crossing. When you get to the sidewalk on the other side, turn left again. You will see a pedestrian mall off to the right. Take a right and enter the mall. Up ahead is a Starbucks and a Body Shop. There are some chairs and tables here. If you were driving you could hit these and send them flying, but on foot you can't move them. It might be nice to sit down, but that isn't possible in the game so keep walking.

Look up and there is an arched sign up above the street that identifies it as Carnaby Street. Follow this street. (Note that most of the streets in the game do not have street signs.)

When you come to the second intersection look off to the left and you'll see more outdoor seating, a Broadwick News and another coffee shop. Don't take this left, though. Continue on Carnaby Street all the way to the end. You'll see a second arched sign above the street near the end. Take a left (Beak St.), then take the next right (Sherwood St.). This will lead you into Golden Square. There is a gap in the fence around Golden Square so you can enter the square and look around. Hmm, the game's version seems to be missing a statue.

After your view of the square, continue South on Sherwood St. It is easy to get turned around while in the square, so remember that the corner where you came in has the Coffee Republic store on it. You want to head away from that. Going South on Sherwood you will get to a T intersection with a shop called The Crown. Take a left, then the next right, then the next right until you see the Gielgud Theatre ahead on the left. It looks like The Graduate is playing.

[To be continued ... ]

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