Saturday, March 01, 2003

Winning Snow Hill

The Getaway's Snow Hill mission is one of the trickiest in the game, because it's not completely clear what you are supposed to do at the police station. The instructions are to get the gun and kill the police chief and the woman. But the trick is, this is really 90% a stealth mission, not a battle mission.

Go upstairs and find the supply room where the gun is on the floor. Pick up the gun. When you exit this room, turn right and use stealth mode to stay up against the wall. Around the corner where the water cooler is, you'll overhear two policemen talking. The one in the white shirt and suspenders is the guy who you're supposed to kill. But don't open fire yet.

You have to sneak behind him and follow him from location to location without being seen. He will make several detours and finally he will go downstairs. Only start attacking after he enters the interrogation room. Then you can kill him and complete the mission.

There may be other ways to win this mission, but I have not found any. A brute force approach from the start seems to trigger a mode where the police chief is invulnerable, and wave after wave of SWAT team cops comes after you until you die -- though it is funny when they start lobbing tear gas, so it's probably worth doing this at least once on purpose just to see it.

If you need more detailed instructions than this, check out the FAQs at the excellent gamefaqs site.

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