Sunday, March 23, 2003

Michael Moore's Oscar acceptance speech criticizes president Bush

Here is a transcription of what Michael Moore said in his speech accepting the Oscar for best documentary feature:

". . . they are here in solidarity with me because we like nonfiction. We like nonfiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in a time when we have fictitious election results, that elects a fictitious president. We, we live in a time, where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons, whether it's the fictition [sic] of duct tape or the fictitious of orange alerts. We are against this war Mr. Bush! Shame on you Mr. Bush, shame on you! And any time you've got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up. Thank you very much."

Harrison Ford and Richard Gere could be seen smiling in the audience during this, but other people looked upset, and there were many boos from the audience.

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