Sunday, December 11, 2005

Airsoft: Taurus Millenium PT111

Though this airsoft gun seemed like a bargain at under $20, words can barely express how completely awful it is for target shooting. The gun produces a similar effect to taking a handful of airsoft BBs and drop-kicking them all over the room. If it were somehow possible for the BB to curve around and hit the shooter in the back of the head, this would be the gun that could do it. Not only that, the magazine is designed so that you have to slowly load one BB at a time instead of pouring them all in quickly, which just adds to the bother.

Instead of this, I recommend the KWC P226 which is very accurate.


Anonymous said...

Man, I used to come here thinking you were a sensitive guy - your profile picture even shows you lovingly holding a... little... rodent... or something, yea, a veritable rodent of love. Or perhaps a hamster. Of love. In the springtime, you'd post pictures of flowers. I had you pegged for a hippie rodent-hugger.

But nowadays it's all guns, and talking about the Millenium. Just like all the other wackos.

Tom said...

Well, I'm not a hippie rodent-hugger, but I'm not a gun nut either. I've only posted about guns twice recently, and I'm talking about guns that shoot plastic BBs and are not deadly. Yes, I do think shooting BB guns at a target is fun. Anyway, I guess it just shows that people don't always fit into clear categories.