Sunday, December 04, 2005

Portland Pilots Win NCAA Women's Soccer Title

Every once in a while in the world of soccer, something happens that can make a fan cackle with fiendish glee. Today, that happend at the beginning of the NCAA championship match between Portland and UCLA. Before the game, the ESPN2 announcers had hyped UCLA as having the nation's best defense, a defense that had not given up a single goal so far in the tournament. That sounded fairly intimidating -- at least until the game started, and Portland easily scored within the first 2 minutes. Not only was it a spectacular goal by Angie Woznuk, but it was a goal that actually made me laugh out loud. Christine Sinclair scored again for a short while later, and at that point Portland pretty much had the game in hand. The final score was 4-0.


Torrid said...

Sinclair actually scored in the 22nd minute. The reference to "six minutes later" is after UCLA's first serious attempt, at 15'.

Great game. Still feel Clive Charles guiding the team. I hope there's a huge crowd at Pioneer Square on Friday.

Tom said...

You're right, thanks, I revised my entry. I guess in my memory the goals seemed close together, so the "six minutes" in the story felt possible.