Monday, December 05, 2005

I'll Show You Mine

Here at Casa de Iron Monkey, we have a large collection of books. Too many to fit in one picture, in fact, but here is a glimpse at the "history section." Now show me yours: take a photo of your bookshelves and put it on your blog, then leave a comment so I'll know where to look. Isn't looking at people's bookshelves fun?


memer said...

dontcha just looove exploring other ppl's bookshelves?! don't know why it's so fun. i guess it's the possibility of an unplanned find and it's a sideways peek into personality/interests.

the bulk of my books are in storage now, so even if i had a blog, i'd too embarrassed to show the crap i have on the bookshelf now (mainly technical stuff that i don't much use). actually, i'd be embarrassed to show the stuff in storage, too. nope, you just show me yern.

Michelle K said...

Well... I've already got a picture at the top of these pages:

And I've also got some pictures here. (no, that is now how I normally keep my books. I was doing the floors in the living room.)

But I suppose I could put together a GIANT collage! That would be fun, yet disturbingly large.