Monday, July 28, 2003

Harry Potter 6

e-Claire blogs:
FYI -- that new Harry Potter book is heavy ! Nooo, this is *not* a spoiler. But my shoulders and neck sure are sore because I *would* not put it down.

Capsule review: as Harry matures, so does the series. Darkness from more than the expected sources... Go see.

Harry Potter 6 will be 2562 pages long and will be called Harry Potter and the Plot Development of the Turtle. A warning sticker on the cover will instruct the reader to always bend from the knees and not from the back when lifting it. The "Deluxe Collector's Edition" will come with its own Harry Potter Wheelbarrow to carry it around in. The Platinum Edition will come with a small forklift designed by J.K. Rowling and embellished with the Hogwarts logo.

Every one of Harry's blinks, twitches, coughs, and belches will rate at least two paragraphs. The first three chapters will describe Harry's thoughts between the time he wakes up and when he gets out of bed. By chapter seven, he will be part way through breakfast. In chapter ten, Harry will exclaim, "Ah, I wish summer were over so I could be back with my schoolmates at Hogwarts, instead of stuck in this room by myself, blowing my nose over and over again. Too bad this is only the first day of summer. It will seem like an eternity!" And it sure will!

But I will buy and read it anyway, because I'm hooked.

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