Saturday, July 26, 2003

Washougal Motocross

Today my brother and I went to see the practice sessions for tomorrow's Washougal Motocross race. I got a lot of photos, including one of Ricky Carmichael jumping. In some ways, motocross is better on TV, because in person you can only see a small portion of the track at a time. But seeing it live you get a better sense of the speeds and distances involved. When you stand by the side of the track, and a rider lands a big jump, the bike hits the ground so hard you can feel the vibration through the soles of your feet, like a minor earthquake.

The start of a race is also fun to see live. When all the bikes rev up and then surge forward at the start, it reminds me of an angry swarm of bees . . . if each bee were 6 feet long.

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