Tuesday, July 08, 2003

U.S. 2, Paraguay 0 (Men's Soccer)

The highlight of this game, still etched in my brain, was when DaMarcus Beasley was triple-teamed by Paraguay on the left side of the field. He power-dribbled through all three defenders, changed direction and beat one of the defenders a second time, then crossed the ball to Landon Donovan who scored easily. After that, Paraguay was so spooked by Beasley that they started fouling him away from the ball, drawing a yellow card in the process.

Equally important was a play later on, where U.S. goalkeeper Kasey Keller made a brilliant 1-on-1 save against a breaking Paraguay player. That was probably the best scoring opportunity Paraguay had all game, and Keller kept them off the board.

In the past the U.S. men have had what I'd call "unconvincing wins" -- a win that somehow doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. This time, however, I thought they really looked good.

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