Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Calm

We often hear about the calm before the storm, but there must also be another calm, the one after the storm, right? Why don't we hear about that one? Isn't that the nicer one? When you get right down to it, the calm before the storm isn't very calming, is it? That one doesn't relax us. Nobody says, "hey, this must be the calm before the storm, quick, let's have a picnic!" Maybe we should try saying that, but we don't. The calm before the storm is a nervous calm.

The calm after the storm, though, that one is the "let's roast marshmallows" calm. Maybe it's the "find a stick in the wreckage and play stickball" calm. Maybe it's the "take a picture, because they're never going to believe this" calm. But it's the one where you always relax. Given a choice, I'll take that one every time.

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