Thursday, May 06, 2004

Michelle has been talking about gardening:
I shouldn't be allowed near garden centers without a chaperone.

Went to WVU Greenhouse plant sale, and then went to Lowe's, 'just to get some mulch.' Ha.

I know how this works. The other day I went to the garden center to get "a fuchsia." That's right, I planned to purchase just one plant, which is about as likely to happen as eating just one potato chip. I came back with about 15 plants, everything from jasmine to strawberries.

I think my garden must be the world's most labor-intensive bird feeder. Instead of putting out birdseed and straw, I plant, water, fertilize, and tend all sorts of plants, only to have them eaten or carried off for nesting materials by the neighborhood birds. I can't blame them, though, they're just doing what birds do.

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