Thursday, May 13, 2004

My Garden, part 2

I've already listed the plants on my back deck, now I'll talk about the edible plants in my main garden. I like edible plants, and I like convenient snack plants much better than anything that requires too much preparation. "Grab and eat" plants like strawberries, blueberries, sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes are great. Anything that can go in a salad is great, too.

I'm growing onions (walla walla sweet), spinach, mizuna, bok choi, eggplant (ichiban), bell pepper, sorrel, lettuce (buttercrunch, little gem, great lakes head, and many other kinds I can't remember), tomatoes (juliet, celebrity, bush early girl, supersweet 100), Italian parsely, rosemary, red currants, jostaberry, and a fig tree.

Then there is the cardoon. The cardoon is the only one of my edible plants that I have not yet actually eaten. I like it because it is very strange and exotic looking, and gets about 7 feet tall. It spreads easily, and since I don't want cardoon everywhere in my garden, I constantly have to pull up the shoots from outside the Cardoon Zone. But I still like it.

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