Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Olympic Gymnastics Coverage

Kevin notes the negative, mistake-obsessed coverage of gymnastics.

The commentary has not once recapped the good things done during a routine. All they’ve done is pick on all the little things that were done wrong and cry about how much it hurt the US chance to win.

It's true. Typical Olympic gymnastics coverage goes something like this:

"Well, that routine may have looked pretty perfect to the untrained eye, but right here during the reverse inverted half-twisting triple salad roll, her big toe came several millimeters apart from her second toe. I'm afraid that is a mandatory three hundred thousand point deduction, plus she will have to perform her next routine while wearing the Olympic Dunce Cap. That's got to be very disappointing, not just for her team, but for everyone who has ever thought about participating in this sport, which has now been tainted forever by this grotesque mistake."

"I agree, Jim, it was truly a horrifying error, bringing back echoes of the tragic fumble in the finals of the Men's Dwarf-Tossing that cost the U.S. gold back in the Sydney Olympics."

"Yes, after a performance like that, a life-sized statue of her will be placed in the Hall of Olympic Shame as a chilling reminder to other athletes. Now let's look at the replay on the dismount, where the amount of brow-furrowing clearly falls short of the requirement for this skill . . ."

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Anonymous said...

Gymnastics hasn't been the same since Kerri Strug raised the bar on everyone by sticking her landing on a badly sprained (broken?) ankle. The drama is gone; a sport just doesn't survive that kind of thing.

They should add difficulty points for athletes who hamstring themselves in some creative way.