Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Push It Good

I like a good electronic gizmo, but sometimes the simplicity of low-tech wins out. I bought this push reel mower earlier this year, and now I rarely use my electric mower. For some reason, the reel mower is more fun. Maybe it's the retro factor, or because it is quiet, or because I avoid the extension-cord-wrangling that goes with the electric mower. And the effort to push it is no greater than the electric mower, because it weighs so much less.

The reel mower defies societal wisdom, which would advise us to let robots mow our lawns so we can have more time in which to go to the gym and walk on a treadmill. Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

We also have a reel mower, as we have a tiny yard. It's quite nice, AND energy efficient, AND environmentally sound, although it would be easier if we didn't live on a hill. (Note: Everything in WV is on a hill. Except where they've torn down the mountains.)