Saturday, April 02, 2005


If there are ghostwriters, will there inevitably be ghostbloggers? How many celebrity blogs will turn out to have been written by someone else?

I expect to see ads like this:

Do you want to blog, but just can't find the time? Does writing about your life make you realize just how boring it really is? Ghostbloggers has the answer. For just $14.95 per month, our professional staff of writers will create a new blog entry for you every day that will make you sound witty and fascinating. Select the level of embellishment that's right for you, from "based on a true story" to "extreme eBlarney (TM)." Join now and get the first week free!


Foobario said...

It works both ways... I'm paying Robert Downey Jr fifty cents for every post he writes for me.

clara* said...

someday it will be revealed that ALL the blogs are written by will wheaton. including this comment.

Peter said...

I'm more interested in the stunt-blogging angle where someone writes a blog on my site about an issue I don't have the nerve to tackle. It would seem silly to take on a new identity on a new web site just for one blog. So I hire a stuntblogger to write the blog, and I attribute the blog to him or her.

A stuntblogger is sort of a reverse ghostblogger, and should be paid about the same. My daughter stunt-blogged for me recently. The terms of her compensation were undisclosed.

memer said...

I must say I've been wondering if Rosie O'Donnell really is that interesting.