Friday, April 01, 2005

How to Lie in Bed

Imagine a bed in a room, where the top/bottom of the bed is against a wall, and neither side of the bed is against the wall. Which way would you lie down in this bed? It seems to feel right to lie down so that your head is nearest the wall, and it seems backwards or weird to lie down with your feet close to the wall and your head out towards the middle of the room. Why is this?


Puddleglum said...

makes more sense to protect the head from sudden attacks... one can do without a foot

it's the mentality of good shelter

Foobario said...

I suspect we sleep with our heads next to the wall so the electromagnetic radiation from the outlets will charge up our brain implants, without which we would be unable to hear the Orbital Mind Control Lasers.

Michael Tandy said...

Well, one needs a headboard to stop one's pillows falling off the top of the bed (or something).

Having a headboard poking up in the middle of the room would be odd; it would probably get in the way or something. At the very least, it would prevent you from comfortably sitting on the end of the bed.

You don't think about that when you decide which way to align your body, of course. You just think about what you've always done, which is to sleep in a bed with it's headboard against the wall.

Tom said...

The protection idea would make sense while you are awake, but when you are asleep it seems like it would be easy to attack you no matter which way you are aligned in the room.

Foobario said...

Ah, but you are forgetting to take into account the possibility that we might be ninjas, always sleeping with one eye open. This reduces the threat by half.

It does seem to me that all of this concern over sudden attacks is not conducive to a restful sleeping environment. It's probably best to use pillows to make a decoy in the bed, and go sleep on the couch.