Friday, April 15, 2005

Where Did The Static Go?

I seem to remember being "zapped" by static electricity fairly often as a child. But it doesn't happen much at all any more. Why not? Is there something different in today's materials that leads to less static electricity build up? Is it all the anti-static-cling fabric softener? Or are adults somehow less conductive?


Michael Tandy said...

I notice it from man-made materials like Polyester, but not from natural materials like wool and cotton.

Perhaps poluester's plastic-derived status makes it more vulnerable to building up static?

Anyway, my guess is as an adult you wear more 'adult'/modern clothes, which have more cotton and wool and less polyester and similar materials.

memer said...

Yeah, where the hell did static cling go?! Goood question. Forgot alll about that sucker. Used to be a weekly thing. In every laundry sort, back when i was a knee-high, there was always some kind of decoupling of staticly-glued clothing. Sock and underwear. Sock and tee-shirt. Sweater and sock. Always a sock.

Yeah where have all the sticky socks gone? Not that i miss em. Just keepin tabs on my arch nemeses.