Monday, June 20, 2005

Vampires and Sex

Michelle writes about reading erotic vampire mysteries. This reminds me, a friend once told me about a theory he had heard. The theory goes that vampire stories can be interpreted as an allegory for people who have some type of non-mainstream sexuality. Here are some of the parallels:
  • Being part of a secretive subculture, and more comfortable among one's "own kind"
  • Having to hide some part of one's nature from ordinary society and try to blend in
  • The "unusual acts" that characterize the subculture typically occur at night, or at least in darkness
  • One has regular "cravings" for these acts, which provide intense satisfaction once they are completed
  • The acts involve an exchange of bodily fluids
  • Being feared by members of ordinary society, who might even try to destroy you
  • It is possible, but not that common, for someone from outside the subculture to be brought into the group
I don't think that the authors of vampire stories necessarily intend their works to be interpreted this way, but it is one possible interpretation. And ever since I heard this theory, I've come to think that maybe all vampire stories are at least subliminally sexual.


Michelle K said...

There's nothing subliminal about these stories! The vampiric act is described as being erotic and... er... (ahem) arousing.


Kat said...

Hi, I am blog browsing, and today I am looking at blogs that have a Cormac McCarthy book in their profile. I am very interested in what makes people like him.

If you would like to talk about this come on by and say hi.