Saturday, October 29, 2005

Adding The Personal Touch

My girlfriend: . . . anyway, so I have this book and now I have to get it to Angelina Jolie. [Author's note: oddly enough, this is actually true.]

Me: How are you going to to that?

Girlfriend: I'll FedEx it to so-and-so, who can give it to her.

Me: No, that's a terrible plan.

Girlfriend: Well how would you do it?

Me: I recommend having Angelina come over to our house for dinner, where I would be happy to personally hand her the book.

Girlfriend: Yeah, right. That makes no sense.

Me: But it would be more fun.

Girlfriend: For who?

Me: Uh, for me.


memer said...

Tom...Wrong. Answer.

Michelle K said...

I'm guessing that your girlfriend didn't fall for it.

It's all for the best though, after all, what on earth would you make for dinner?

Angelina Jolie said...

Tom -

lose the bint and I'll be over in a flash. Only this time I get to be the pirate and you get to be the slave girl.