Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Here is a drawing I did recently. I was talking with my dad the other night, and he mentioned how it really took a lot of time to practice the guitar. "Yeah," I said, "that's why my plan is to specialize in things that don't take very much time. My new hobby will be buying things from vending machines."

Drawing is also a good thing, not because I'm any good at it, but because it only takes a few minutes to sketch out something simple. And because I don't expect to be good at it, I don't get frustrated. Oh, that's the other key: low expectations.

I've also gotten hooked on Sudoku, for the same reason that it is not a big time commitment. My mom says Sudoku is more frustrating than crosswords, because with a crossword you can put it down, come back later, and in the intervening time your subconscious will have come up with the answers to some of the clues, but with Sudoku, when you pick it up again you haven't gained anything. I guess that is true. I usually do a Sudoku in one sitting.


clara* said...

i'm with you on the low expectations but i never considered making my vending machine purchases a hobby. i would feel very successful for no reason. that's my kind of hobby.

memer said...

Tom, you actually WORK in tech, right? bloody polymaths.

seriously, great drawing, T. that was a quickie? i couldn't do that with a case of coca-cola and a week's supply of paper an charcoal.

Tom said...

Thanks, Memer. Yes, I work in tech. I write software for a living.