Saturday, October 01, 2005

More about Lost

My girlfriend does not share my frustrations with Lost and her theory is that it is a male/female difference. She says men like stories that "get to the point" and women don't mind it as much when stories ramble and go off on tangents.


Anonymous said...

Emmm, are we talking about television, or sex?

nostalgiphile said...

Tell her to read The Sound and the Fury and compare it with, i dunno, Beloved by Toni Morrison. Actually, Morrison's story is a straightforward ghost tale that mixes African folklore and magic into a traditional linear narrative, whereas Faulkner's is a winding stream of consciousness roller coaster ride that's perpetually upside down or sideways when it comes to "the point".

Tom said...

Hmm, good suggestion, I'll have to ask her about Faulkner.