Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Attention New Yorkers

My girlfriend and I will be in New York City during the weekend of Oct. 22. She is there on a business trip, I'm just going along. If anyone reading this wants to say hello, meet for coffee, or go to museums, please leave a comment.

Yes, that probably describes about zero people, since mine is not a "famous" blog, but I figure it is free to ask.


clara* said...

if i was from new york i would TOTALLY want to meet you and get a coffee. even if you're not famous.

Tom said...

Thanks, Clara!

Michelle K said...

See, you're just going to the wrong places to visit.

If you came to West (by God) Virginia for a visit we'd have you over for dinner.

So just get your girlfriend to come to a conference at WVU, and you'll be set for a free meal!

Tom said...

That sounds fun!

Peter said...

Then go east into non-West Virginia -- my county borders West Virginia -- and we'd have you over for dinner, too.