Friday, June 18, 2004

Champions of Norrath Multiplayer Tips

A good multiplayer strategy for Champions of Norrath is to have one player act as a Blocker (by holding down Block, naturally) while the other stands behind the blocker and shoots arrows over his shoulder. The blocker blocks hand-to-hand attacks and prevents the monsters from reaching the archer. Against most normal attacks, the blocker will take no damage while blocking.

You might think that a tough barbarian would be the ideal blocker, but actually a wizard makes a great blocker, because the wizard can also use an area attack spell such as fire storm or ice storm, then start blocking as soon as the spell starts. You can't cast a "continuous" spell like cone of fire while blocking, because as soon as you start blocking the cone of fire will stop. But area spells like fire storm keep working after you release the spell button.

Sometimes monsters will be smart enough to walk around the blocker, so the best place to use this strategy is in a narrow hallway or in front of a door, so the monsters don't have enough room to get around. I think of the blocker as the "Offensive Lineman" and the archer as the "Quarterback" in this strategy.

If you are a wizard, the Root spell is great for multiplayer. At high levels the root spell can immobilize multiple enemies while the rest of the team attacks them.
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