Sunday, June 27, 2004

How to Pick Up a Garden Hose

  1. Relax your arms and let them hang freely.
  2. Slide your foot under the hose at a spot about 6 feet from the free end of the hose.
  3. Flex your ankle and toes in order to "hook" the hose.
  4. Lift your foot up and slightly to the outside of your knee as if you're going to scratch the bottom of your foot with your same-side hand.
  5. Grasp the hose with your hand.

Perform the whole sequence without bending over at all. It looks better, and the whole point is to avoid needing to bend over. Practice until the move becomes automatic.

Gardening needs more "trick moves" like this. Then it can be an Extreme Sport.


Peter said...

It feels like it would be a good hamstring workout, too, if done repetitively.

Seffliva said...

Thanks for guiding me through this. I will try to do that this weekend. I learned a lot here. Keep posting!

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