Wednesday, June 02, 2004

iTunes Doesn't Want You To Know Pop Songs Are About Sex

I was playing around with iTunes and decided to try creating another iMix. I made one full of songs about pimps, hos, and sex. I named my iMix "Songs About Sex" and in the description I said something like (I don't recall the exact wording) "Pimps, Hos, Sex, and more..."

In response to this, I got an email from "iTunes Abuse" saying that my iMix would not be posted because "Content in the iMix title and/or description is in violation of the iTunes Music Store Terms and Service."

This seems strange. Those songs really are about pimps, hos, and sex. If my description of them is offensive, what about the songs themselves? It's OK to download the actual songs and listen to the explicit lyrics, but it's not OK to read my completely factual description of them?


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm with iTunes on this one.

I mean, listeners should really be able to decide what these songs are about for themselves, shouldn't they? Maybe you think the song's about pimps and hos (hoes?), but maybe I see a deeper meaning. Maybe sex is a metaphor for something indescribable and compelling like, I don't know, driving a car with a really big engine or tossing the old football through a tire swing.

Really. Stop imposing your values on the world, man.

Audra said...

Why does everybody have such a hang up with sex? I for one love sex and have created many CDs in its honor. My favorite CD creation dedicated to sex is called "Sex or Something Like It" and every song on it is either about sex or masturbation (which can be just as good as sex if you ask me).