Monday, July 12, 2004

East Fort Rock

This weekend my brother and I went camping and dirt-biking at the East Fort Rock OHV area. The riding was great, but the nights were cold. Saturday night got down to 29 degrees where we were camping.

This picture shows me on my Yamaha TT-R 250 at the camp site.

The area is huge, and the trails are very well marked so it is easy to figure out where you are. At one point in our ride, my brother got ahead of me, stopped his bike off the trail, then hid behind a tree and jumped out just as I passed by. At first I thought it was a deer or something so I swerved away, then I laughed when I saw it was him. We did see several deer later in the trip.

The night we arrived, I went on my first off-road night ride. By the time we set up camp, the sun had set, but we decided to take a quick ride anyway. Riding on a bumpy trail in the dark was spooky. It was a little bit like night skiing, but instead of the light coming from overhead, the headlights created ever-changing shadows on the bumps up ahead. Also, I was riding behind my brother, so my headlight beams hit the dust cloud that his bike kicked up, creating an effect similar to driving in heavy fog. It was fun but scary.  Posted by Hello

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