Thursday, July 15, 2004

What will replace extreme sports?

My brother theorizes that extreme sports have almost run their course, and people will soon lose interest. The question is, what will replace them? Extreme intellectual endeavors? Super tag-team sonnet composition?

I nourish the unlikely hope that the next big thing in America will be Sumo Wrestling. It has fast-paced, quick matches (some of which last only seconds!), it's fun to watch, and it seems ideally suited to America, a country with a plentiful supply of people who like to eat a lot. That last part is a joke, since real Sumo wrestlers are strong, quick, skillful athletes and not couch potatoes. I really do enjoy watching Sumo.


tamie said...


no kidding... I loved the movie... but when I tried to watch it for real on tv it was REALLY dumb... but they had a team of sumo wrestlers...

I remember reading a story in some magazine about this Hawaiian sumo wrestler who went out to a restaurant and caused them to close 5 hours early because he ATE ALL THE FOOD!!! yea... they are strong atheletes, but they didn't get those fat asses from the stairmaster... hehehe

Tom said...

Dodgeball is fun to play, but I saw that dodgeball TV show too, and it wasn't very interesting.